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When All You Want is to Hug Your Dad on Father’s Day.. and Every Day

My dad is sick, I think that’s obvious by now.

I talk openly about the fact that he has ALS, a terminal neurodegenerative disease, and the fact that I am his primary caregiver.

What does that mean in this Covid era?

My sisters and I have continued to visit my dad these past few months as we are part of his care team. In the morning (when they show up… more on that another time), he has aides from Quebec health and social services but in the evenings one of us prepares him dinner and/or completes other tasks ranging from laundry & cleaning to cutting his toenails.

The one thing that changed since mid-March? We started keeping our distance.

Of course, upon entering his house, we wash our hands and even disinfect our cell phones. I like to disinfect all the hot spots too, like the light switches and cupboard handles. If we must be close to him, like if he asks for help shaving or something, we will wear a mask.

What we don’t do?

We don’t hug him.

And it sucks.

Not being able to hug your dad is pretty tough.

Not being able to hug your terminally ill dad is incredibly hard.

Not being able to hug your terminally ill dad and not knowing if he will die before you get to hug him again? That just freaking sucks.

I also acknowledge that those who have lost their dads have a very hard time on Father’s Day. I know I do on Mother’s Day!

So, if you are currently in quarantine with your dad – hug him super hard!

Happy Father’s Day to all the dads out there and I hope that those unable to be with their dads find a way to virtually celebrate or social-distance-celebrate and that those who have lost their dads can find comfort in their memories and find the support they need on this tough day.

Look at this cuteness!!!!



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