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The little things are the big things

The little things.

The tiny things you do for the people you love.

The things they probably don’t even notice you doing.

Those are the important things.

The little things are acts of love.

  • Putting the smaller cutlery closer to the edge of the counter in the strainer so it’s easy for you to reach from a wheelchair.

  • Placing the night time medication on the counter before leaving so it’s ready for that night along with a Kleenex folded just so.

  • Placing the next day’s medication on the table and ripping the morning one off just a little to avoid another mistaken night-time-meds-in-the-morning-mix-up.

  • Tucking in the edges of the garbage bag in the kitchen because that’s how you like it.

  • Picking up your favourite treats even though you really shouldn’t be eating them anymore due to the texture

  • Thinking of you while running my own errands and buying you things I know you need but didn’t ask for.

I love you, Daddy.

Happy Father’s Day!

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