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Mom's Dead, Dad's Dying, Now What?

When your mom dies, your entire world changes. Life is no longer and will never be the same. Everything you thought you knew about yourself begins to change.

When your dad becomes terminally ill 3 years later, those changes multiply and crack you open. You are no longer who you once were.

Thought you were someone who didn’t cry during sad scenes in movies and tv shows?

...Think again.

Thought you couldn’t handle stress at work? Now, is someone dying? No? Then that deadline isn’t the end of the world.

Thought you had great concentration skills?

Say bye bye to watching entire movies in one sitting, reading a book without getting distracted or even remembering what day it is or what you ate for breakfast yesterday..

Walked in to the kitchen from your bedroom on the other side of the house? Sorry, you won’t remember why.

Your threshold for bullshit decreases or just plain disappears..

Friend not treating you with respect? You don’t need him/her.

Significant other not putting in the effort? They can go too.

Settling is no longer an option.

Ten years have passed since she died.

A lot happens in ten years.

Friends came and went.

Boyfriends went, came and went.

I changed jobs several times, ending with my dream job.

I gained new skills (trading license, personal training, yoga teacher training)

Wrote a book.

...And the biggest (and most difficult) “thing” of them all?

I learned to live without her.

I learned to “handle” him heading out in a slow and painful way.

I’ve survived this long, and will thrive once again.

I don’t doubt that for a second.

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