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Healing, Awareness, Connections

I have had many people reach out to me about my latest pieces of writing.

One is a woman who relates to it all very much, having been through her own journey of caregiving and watching family pass away.

Another, a fellow gym member, told me that she read my blog post and while she doesn’t know anything about what I’m going through she wanted me to know that it touched her.

And, of course, many current or past caregivers that I have connected with online through @caregiversneedsomecaretoo have commented or written me privately to say that they truly relate and are grateful that someone is both bringing attention to what we go through and making them feel less alone.


This is why I share.

I share to help myself through this journey.

I share to help others through theirs.

I share to bring awareness to both ALS and caregiving.

I share because I wish that I had connected with all of these people earlier in my 7 year journey.

Writing doesn’t come easy - it’s not like I’m inspired everyday and pumping out articles.

I get random sparks that I jot down on my phone then find later on and add to. Sometimes I’ll just sit down and bang something out in 10 minutes. Other times, like with “Mom’s Dead, Dad’s Dying, Now What?” I’ll write half a post, forget about it for a few months, find it and take a few weeks to finesse it.

It’s an interesting process. I know I probably won’t write another e-book but I’m happy to share any way that I can!

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