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Hi! Welcome to my caregiving journey.

I am the primary caregiver to my dad who has ALS... He has been sick for almost 7 years.

As his primary caregiver, I visit him a few times a week, cook meals, shop for groceries, do his laundry, complete his banking, fill out forms, call doctors and pharmacies, accompany him to the ALS Clinic and worry about him every minute of every day.

My sisters, of course, help with some of those tasks, but as the daughter with Power of Attorney and experience in finance, the banking and shopping fall on me.

Throughout these 7 years, I've learned not only the ins and outs of caregiving (though there is always a hell of a lot more to learn) but a lot about what it takes to keep my head above water throughout the journey.

A couple of years in, I went through a severe depression and burnout and had to take a sick leave from my job. In recovering, I learned the importance of self care and how it is essential for someone who is caring for someone else.

That saying "you can't pour from an empty cup" isn't trending on social for nothing! Self care truly is a saviour for caregivers and that is why I ended up writing an e-book about it - Thrive Through Self Care. It's a guide on handling depression and burnout through caring for yourself. If delves in to 7 pillars that I found to be very helpful, including yoga, meditative activities, and surrounding yourself with the right support (both friends and professional therapists).

By combining my caregiving experience with the skills I've learned both working in the finance & media industries and as a personal trainer and yoga teacher, I think I offer a very unique perspective that can be helpful to other caregivers, whether they are just starting out or have been doing it for years.

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